Beijing, China, 2007

August 10, 2007

Wang Chenyun Catalogue

Zhang Chenshuo in the ChinaBlue Gallery office

Mei Suhzi & Zhang Chenshuo are in-house designers for ChinaBlue gallery.

Zhang Chenshuo works in the studio in the back of the gallery office. He graduated from the China Central Academy of the Fine Arts in 2006.

Spread from the Wang Chenyun catalogue

'The artist, Wang Chenyun, always paints from photographs. He finds photographs a very strong influence on his life and his painting. In this catalogue the paintings are taken and stuck into the book as if they were photographs. They are all pasted into the book by hand, so every book is different. Next to the full-colour sticker of the painting in the book there is the original photograph.

The book is made of very cheap materials to keep the production costs a bit down. A lot of manual labour is involved but that doesn't cost so much.

All the text is also turned into an image by scanning it. So there are only two layers, a 'blueprint' of images whereupon the paintings are pasted.

The dripping blue on the cover is derived from the edges of the paintings. In the gallery they disappear when the paintings are stretched on a frame. But for us it is part of the painting.'


Detail of the Wang Chenyun catalogue

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