Beijing, China, 2007

August 7, 2007

N12-No.4 catalogue

He Jun, MEWE, N12-No.4 catalogue

This is a catalogue for another N12 exhibition. All the artists in this group show have their own styles, so every one has its own section. The text and images have been split into two separate books within a box-cover.

The captions are to be pushed out by hand, they come from the text book and are put besides the images. This way every book will be unique.

The portraits of the artists are also printed on stickers, to be put on the cover. The idea was that the artist weren't famous at all when they started the exhibition. But through the show the gained popularity and became known. So the portraits in the book also move from the back of the book to the cover in full sight.

He Jun, MEWE, N12-No.4 catalogue

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